OS-1 to OS-5 Ranks

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OS-1 to OS-5 Ranks

Post by Meta-001 on Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:28 am

Mods are a system meant to allow for varied and interesting mobile suit designs and character progression in the RPG.  They are paid for with negative modifiers to your repair/replace rolls, amount varying on the usefulness of that specific mod.  Sometimes, additional costs may apply.   Do note that, if a mod has any non listed effect that is up to the player's creativity and discretion, it will be subject to staff approval.  

Once one reaches the OS-1 to OS-5 ranks, their character is managing many resources from their faction and reached the high ranks in it, though for some there's still some ways to go to get to the top.  At this point, most benefits were handed out to the pilot, but many more doors open.  However, some of the benefits aren't so distinctive so as to merit its separate section at this point.  Therefore, here follows the list of benefits from OS Rank 1[Captain] to OS Rank 5[Admiral]

OS-1 [Captain]
Free Repair and Replace Rolls on Unmodded Suits
From the captain rank and onward, a character may freely requisition replacements or get repairs at any expense on any unmodified mobile suit, making repair/replace rolls for those a trivial matter.  Custom models, however, still are subject to their  modifiers and must be rolled for.

Repair/Replace Roll +20

OS-2 [Commodore]
Access to Mobile Armor Creation
Commodores may resign the use of mobile suits altogether and choose instead to make their own Mobile Armor.  Like any custom content, this is subject to staff approval and the rules given to mobile suits.

Repair/Replace Roll +20

OS-3 [Rear Admiral]
Repair/Replace Roll +20

OS-4 [Vice Admiral]
Repair/Replace Roll +20

OS-5 [Admiral]
Multiple Projects and Mobile Armors
An admiral has enough clout to have multiple mobile suits, mobile armors as well as modifications at their disposal, and as such aren't limited to choice between those things when requisitioning something.

Repair/Replace Roll +20
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