Delzea Mauve (Zeon Communications Division)

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Delzea Mauve (Zeon Communications Division)

Post by BurdenKing on Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:41 pm

Chief Petty Officer Delzea Mauve
File Photo Taken on may 21, 0076. Private Delzea Mauve was found to be dressed as a vice admiral while on shore leave in a Side 3 club. When questioned, she explained it was on a dare from her friend. Said friend was Vice-Admiral Meriel Roeger, which explains how Private Delzea obtained a Vice Admiral's uniform.

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Side 3

History: Born of the middle class on Side 3, Delzea was a early enlistee into the Principalities military force. While having no real renown to her family name, she proved herself as a very capable support officer within the Zeon Fleet. Working Predominantly on the Chivvay-class Heavy Cruiser Saber during her career, Delzea proved her self in the battle of Loum as an effective comms officer when her predecessor was killed due to damage taken to the cruiser during the fighting. With her help, she managed to guide repair teams within the ship to where they needed to be, while also helping a few Mobile suit Teams coordinate themselves in the chaos of the fighting. She was promoted to Petty officer then, and then Chief petty officer months later due to her work on Earth when she was transferred to Commander Shards Odessa base.

Now she serves as a comm officer for two of the Mobile suit squads on the base, relaying orders and information to them as needed. While being the communications officer for a MS team is risky, she has been known to say she enjoys it, as allows her to help the soldiers and to be of real use to the war effort.

Personality: Still maintaining her youthful out look on life due to her minimal exposure to the war, Delzea is still beginning to show the affects of it. The many attacks on Odessa have taken a few friends from her, and while she still tries to stay positive, the exhaustion and grief is still hitting her like many other young men and women who are serving on the base. She does everything she can to keep her squad mates alive, and has been known to try anything to protect others lives.

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