Ranking System

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Ranking System

Post by Meta-001 on Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:06 pm

Advancement as a player in the RPG involves as well a matter of going through ranks in either organization.  As such, members are assigned ranks to their accounts, and based on their actions may gain a promotion.  Your rank will affect how much influence, benefits, responsibilities and resources you'll have in hand.  It's not a light choice to be made, much less at higher ranks.  Promotions are processed by either a member self applying and giving reason to promote them, or by a higher ranked player recommending that said player be promoted.  Both will rely on staff approval.

Rank Advancement Template:

Self-Recommended Template:
Current Rank:
New Rank:
Actions Taken: (Justify in a paragraph or so each action, providing link to the occurences)

Higher Rank Recommendation:
Current Ranks (Of both involved):
New Rank: (Of the recommended member)
Justification:  (Explain why you believe the member deserves a promotion, with links to posts where applicable)
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