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Combat Rules

Post by Meta-001 on Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:32 pm

Combat is of course an important part of this roleplay, and with a freeform approach, placing rules on how to go about it is essential, to avoid utter chaos.

  1. The usual of what you would expect.  No godmodding, no dodging everything, no powerplaying.  Everyone's in the game to have some fun, and worked hard on making their character to be out in the battlefield fighting, simply respect the fellow player, write a cool combat scene together.  Getting out with a dent or two is a natural part of the game, win or lose.

  2. If you think your opponent or someone else in battle is doing something wrong, don't make a fight out of it.  Send a staff member a PM, so that the situation can be judged and approached in the best way possible for everyone involved.  Battle arguments can get tricky, and sometimes being in the midst of it can cloud people's judgment.

  3. Each suit will have the capability to be modified from a list of modifications provided. There will be tiers of modifications, each tier locked to certain ranks the player can earn over time. Each modification will make repair rolls harder, along with replacement roles.

  4. Each mobile suit will carry a limited amount of ammunition as well. Weapons contain enough ammo for five posts worth of use unless they are a beam weapon powered by the suit's reactor. A maximum of three spare magazines may be carried by any mobile suit.

  5. Repair rolls will be a system in place that will handle the repairing of player mobile suits. Players will be expected to keep track of the damage to their mobile suits. Repairs to each portion of the body will be accomplished with 5 increments. Staff will roll a D20, and if they were to say roll a ten for a mobile suit with destroyed legs, both legs would be repaired. However, each mobile suit will have a different base repair roll bonus, which can be modified by modification and in world events in the roleplay.

    Replacement rolls will be done similarly, only in order to receive a replacement you must roll exceedingly high with a repair roll. The number needed is 40-50. Thankfully, roles are cumulative, so multiple rolls will stack.

At the end of The standard Behavioral Rules, Combat Rules, and Creation rules there will be a code word that must be placed at the beginning of your character sheet, In order, for it to be even considered for acceptance. This is to Ensure that all members have at least read the rules once before attempting to join the site. The code word for the Combat Rules section is : Yamato
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