Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

Post by BurdenKing on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:54 pm

These rules will cover the dos and don'ts on the game's character creation.

  1. There will be no canon characters available to play as. You must make an original character, or you cannot play what so ever. More on this, many canon character will be removed from the story, in order to facilitate a more interesting story for those character created by members.

  2. Do not create new types. No one is allowed to play newtypes. You are normal human beings, and that's that. This rule may be amended later, but until then no newtypes will be controlled players.

  3. You must choose a starting faction. Either EFF or Zeon. No one is allowed to start in any other faction. This rule can be changed through player action in game. any major faction that rises through gameplay will be added to the list. Unless the faction is in this rule, you may not start in them.

  4. All characters in the EFF must be 18 years or older. Zeon players can start at 16 years or higher. This will change depending on the condition of either faction and how desperate they are.

  5. Try not to make Mary/Gary Sue characters. While somewhat easy to make, it's by and large dissatisfying to play as and against or with.

  6. You must choose one of the available starting Mobile suits appropriate for your faction. Forr EFF players, you may choose from this List. Zeon players choose from this List. These lists will be updated when needed.

  7. You may choose only one weapon from the Optional armaments list provided by the list to start with. Extra weapons can be earned through play.

  8. Players must use this Template for Character Creation. Any character sheet that uses a differing template will be immediately denied and told to be redone with the appropriate template.

  9. Characters cannot have any form of a relationship with any canon characters what so ever.

  10. All characters must be approved by staff before being allowed to play.

At the end of The standard Behavioral Rules, Combat Rules, and Creation rules there will be a code word that must be placed at the beginning of your character sheet, in order, for it to be even considered for acceptance. This is to Ensure that all members have at least read the rules once before attempting to join the site. The code word for the Character Creation Rules section is : Clone

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