O-02 Modifications

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O-02 Modifications

Post by Meta-001 on Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:04 am

Mods are a system meant to allow for varied and interesting mobile suit designs and character progression in the RPG.  They are paid for with negative modifiers to your repair/replace rolls, amount varying on the usefulness of that specific mod.  Sometimes, additional costs may apply.   Do note that, if a mod has any non listed effect that is up to the player's creativity and discretion, it will be subject to staff approval.  

The mods allowed for the O-2 [Lt. Junior Grade] Rank are the following:

Flight and Space Mobility Mods
Repair/Replace Modifier: [To Be Established]
Like the previous mobility mod, this mod allows for a mobile suit pilot to have their machine with additional mobility, more particularly in this case, for flight and space-faring.  Any choice of flight/space-faring accessory is valid, though each must be taken separately, although one may pay for this mod twice to have some form of hybrid space/flight variant mod.
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