E-05 Modifications

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E-05 Modifications

Post by Meta-001 on Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:50 am

Mods are a system meant to allow for varied and interesting mobile suit designs and character progression in the RPG. They are paid for with negative modifiers to your repair/replace rolls, amount varying on the usefulness of that specific mod. Sometimes, additional costs may apply. Do note that, if a mod has any non listed effect that is up to the player's creativity and discretion, it will be subject to staff approval.

The mods allowed for the E-5 [Petty Officer] Rank are the following:

Mobility Mods (Except Flight and Space mods)
Repair/Replace Modifier: [To Be Established]
With these mods, a mobile suit may be altered to gain an alternate form of movement, such as giving a Guntank a 4-legged lower body, or tank treads to a Guncannon model. Most ground and aquatic mobility alterations are viable and open to be examined as a potential mod, though at this rank a pilot will still not receive any mods that give flight or space mobility, save during special missions when such hardware is provided.
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