E-02 Modifications

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E-02 Modifications

Post by Meta-001 on Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:34 am

Mods are a system meant to allow for varied and interesting mobile suit designs and character progression in the RPG.  They are paid for with negative modifiers to your repair/replace rolls, amount varying on the usefulness of that specific mod.  Sometimes, additional costs may apply.   Do note that, if a mod has any non listed effect that is up to the player's creativity and discretion, it will be subject to staff approval.  

The mods allowed for the E-2 [Private] Rank are the following:

Backpack/Cargo Hold
Repair/Replace Modifier: [-2]
This modification is meant to act as a large, detachable section placed in the mobile suit's back, acting more commonly as a storage for spare parts, equipment or whatever other use the pilot may find with the extra carrying capacity.  In some rare cases, this mod may be adapted to carry additional passengers in the mobile suit, acting like an unorthodox APC (Armored Personnel Carrier).  This mod may be taken only once.
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