Commander Fredericka Marzipia III

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Commander Fredericka Marzipia III

Post by BurdenKing on Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:24 pm

Fredericka Marzipia III
File image was taken on November 21st. The only up to date image command has been able to gather of the reclusive commander, this image was taken by a junior researcher in an attempt to be jovial. Commander Fredericka had the researcher demoted and removed from her labs.

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Side 2

History: Born of Side 3 parents, Fredericka Mazipia III was raised within the society of Zeon. She experienced the full force of the Principalities power in her childhood, raised for loyalty and militant. She was actually one of the scientists who would be working on the original Mobile suit designs and prototypes. However, when she found out her government had attempted to drop an entire colony onto earth, and later gassed entire colonies with Mobile suits she helped design.

With this knowledge, Fredericka defected to the Federation, offering her in depth knowledge of Mobile suits to help jump start the Federation Project V. While she was not allowed to take part of the project, she would eventually find herself within the military and also the effective Commander of Jaburo base when much of the Command structure was wiped out due to the Zeon Mobile armor assault on the base. Due to her help, she helped the base fight off the powerful mobile armor, and saved the day and allowed the Federation on earth to stay alive for just a little longer.

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