Commander Shard

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Commander Shard

Post by BurdenKing on Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:38 am

Koreda Shard
File Photo taken on September 2nd. Picture was taken by Petty Officer Mauve wanting to celebrate Commander Shard's reassignment. Commander Shard did not share Mauve's enthusiasm for the reassignment

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Side 3

History: Born to the lower noble Shard family, Koreda showed almost no skill in military matters what so ever to the disappointment of his highly militaristic family. Instead of learning military strategies, he focused on his musical talent with the Cello. While he gained fame for his skill, it quickly was forgotten when he was forced into the military by his father. Though he fumbled for awhile in officer training, he quickly adapted and seemed to look at military matters differently then those before him. He still practiced his talent often, but he now did it through the coded plans he would make with Cello sheet music. When decoded, his tactics were surprisingly sound with defensive warfare, and though he was found lacking n offensive tactics, no other officer could beat him due to his defensive mastery.

However these defensive tactics were not seen as to important, so he would not reach the rank of commander until Garma Zabi assigned him his post at Odessa, seeing Value in the Man's skill at defensive warfare on such a key base that needed point on Earth. Commander Shard was irate at being forced onto earth, detesting the planet, but went anyways due to his order. To this day he commands to the best of his ability while avoiding all he can of the natural Earth elements within the base.

OS-10 (Admiral of the Fleet)

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